? FrAndroid wishes you a Merry Christmas to all

The entire FrAndroid team is meeting to wish you all a happy and happy holiday season.

On this New Year's Eve, a bearded man dressed in red will enter the fireplace of many homes to deposit gifts to the wise children. Others may have iPhone.
But beyond gifts, firs, big bites and traditions more or less respected, Christmas is also a good time to spend time with people we love and wish them the best. That's why the whole FrAndroid team is coming together to wish you, faithful community, happy holidays and a merry Christmas.
Without you, we would be nothing, and you are our daily greatest gift (even if sometimes you do not give us just gifts). 2018 was a great year for Humanoid – the group behind FrAndroid and Numerama – and for Tech in general, but 2019 will be a bigger year! The year should also begin with a resounding CES 2019 full of foldable smartphones.
We thank you for being so faithful and ever more numerous to read us year after year and wish you the very best for 2019!

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