? Balances 2019: Beats Urbeats 2 headphones are 29 euros instead of 99 euros

For those who are looking for bargains during the 2019 Winter Sale, you will surely be interested in the Beats Urbeats 2 wired headphones. They are available at 29 euros on Darty, against 99 euros usually.

Although it has become a rare commodity on recent smartphones, many of you still want to enjoy their port jack. Today, Beats Urbeats 2 headphones come down to 29 euros whereas they are generally offered around 99 euros.
These headphones allow good sound retransmission with good deep bass. Intra-ear shape to be lodged in the hollow of your ears, they are very pleasant to wear even after several hours of listening. Highly resistant, the UrBeats 2 offer especially excellent listening thanks to the metal protections that prevent vibrations and unwanted sounds.
With the anti-knot cable of the Urbeats 2, you will no longer have to untangle your headphones. Very practical, it allows to store them in your pocket or in your bag without fearing the slightest knot. To be honest, it changes your life not to fight with your headphones every morning. In addition, they are compatible with hands-free thanks to the integrated microphone that offers the ability to make calls with ease.
Note that these headphones come with four different sized tips and a storage pouch.
Why do we recommend these headphones?
Pleasant on a daily basis
Good quality of sound
The anti-knot cable that changes your life!
The Beats Urbeats 2 headphones (in red) are available at 29 euros on Darty, against 99 euros usually.
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