🔥 Good deal: 4G + mobile plans with 40 and 60 GB of data for less than 15 euros

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    Until the beginning of next week, the RED and SFR 40 and 60GB mobile plans are going down. This is the perfect time to save money on your mobile bill while enjoying a quality 4G + network.

Who still pays his mobile plan more than 15 euros? For some time now, it is possible to realize considerable savings on its mobile plan with the regular promotions made by the operators.
40 GB of data in 4G + for only 10 euros per month, for life
The most interesting offer of the moment is undoubtedly the one proposed by RED by SFR, which now offers a package including unlimited calls and SMS and a 40GB envelope of data per month at a price of 10 euros per month . And if you are the type to consume even more data, the package with 60 GB of data in 4G + is only 5 euros more expensive. Whether in terms of 4G coverage or debit, SFR and RED by SFR are among the best French operators.

No hidden options in these two packages, they understand very precisely what their name suggests: data, calls and unlimited SMS, but also a data envelope of 4 or 15 GB in the European Union (and United States and Canada in the case of the 60 GB package). Better, it is not a question here of temporary offers, but of offer for life. After one year, the price of these two packages will remain at 10 or 15 euros per month.
             Find the RED 40 GB mobile plan at 10 euros / month
The 40 GB Red by SFR package includes only the essentials, unlimited calls and SMS, 40 GB of data, 4 GB of data abroad and a free and temporary subscription to Youboox.
Note that these two packages provide free access for three months to Youboox, a digital book service with more than 120,000 references. A service to access thousands of books and comics, which can be played on multiple devices at once, be it Android, iOS or desktop. A service usually charged 9.99 euros, which will terminate automatically once the date exceeded: you will have nothing else to do than take advantage of the offer.
And the cancellation fee to pass on this new package?
Whether for the 40 GB package or the 60 GB package, these two offers are without constraints. These two packages are not binding: if you want to go to another operator or take a package with more or less data thereafter, you will have nothing to pay, nor need to wait.
Once called 3179, the RIO number is automatically sent by SMS with a reminder of the commitment period.
If you are already on a non-binding package, you have absolutely nothing to do. Simply subscribe to this package through the RED website, which will then be responsible for you to terminate your package at your former operator for you. All you need is a RIO code – needed to keep your phone number, which you can get for free by calling 3179. You will receive an SMS with this famous code within minutes.
If you currently have a commitment plan and it is not completed, there will be a cancellation fee to pay. They can range from 100% (if you are hired over 12 months) to 25% (if you are hired over 24 months, but you have exceeded 12 months) of amounts due to the current trader. But again, all you have to do to pass on this new package is to subscribe on the website of RED by SFR. Then you can calculate the substantial savings you can achieve by switching from an expensive package to a low-cost package.
The Red by SFR 40 GB package is 10 euros per month and the Red by SFR package is 15 euros per month until 2 March.
             Find the RED 40 GB mobile plan at 10 euros / month


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