ūüĒ• Good deal: Amazon products are available from 24 euros (Input, Dot, Fire TV Stick)

Did you expect a price drop to equip your home with the Amazon ecosystem? Today, find the Echo Input at 24 euros, the speaker connected Echo Dot (3rd generation) 39 euros and the dongle HDMI Fire TV Stick 39 euros.

You want to invite Alexa to your home with a connected speaker, or enjoy the benefits of a box TV, but without the box? Today, Amazon offers many promotions on its products. Find all the offers below.
Amazon Echo Input at 24 euros instead of 39 euros
The Echo Input has a discreet design to easily go unnoticed on a TV stand, or other. It incorporates two buttons on the front (Action / mute the microphone) and a small indicator light to give information to its user. This little pebble allows to take advantage of the features of the Amazon Alexa assistant on the speaker of your choice.


Very simple to install, just connect it with a jack cable or connect it in Bluetooth to a speaker, hi-fi system or soundbar, to configure it via the Amazon Alexa application (available on iOS and Android). Then, it is used in the same way as a connected speaker of the Echo range, namely by pronouncing the name "Alexa" or by pressing the "Action" button before making a request.
Why is this product recommended?
A discreet design
A simple configuration and accessible to all
The Amazon Alexa assistant on your favorite speaker
The Echo Input is now available at 24 euros on Amazon, against 39 euros usually.
             Find the Echo Input at 24 euros on Amazon
Where to buy Amazon Echo Input at the best price?
Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation) at 39 euros instead of 59 euros
The Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation) adopts a very cute round design. It incorporates 4 buttons on the front (Action / Deactivate the microphone / Increase the volume / Decrease the volume) with a beautiful light band circling the speaker, serving indicative LED. Once connected to your WiFi network, just say its name to start a request. If you are lacking in ideas, do not hesitate to read our dedicated article.


Alexa supports Skills to personalize even more the domestic experience according to your desires. They make it possible to enlarge the panel of functionalities to access more easily services, like Uber to order a driver by voice for example. Finally, if the Amazon Echo Dot itself is sufficient to work, it is possible to connect to an existing audio system to improve the sound quality of this small speaker.
Why is this product recommended?
A serious alternative to Google Assistant
The many queries available
And Skills to personalize the experience
The Echo Dot (3rd generation) is displayed at 39 euros on Amazon, instead of sixty euros in normal time.
             Find the Echo Dot at 39 euros on Amazon
Where to buy the Amazon Echo Dot at the best price?
Amazon Fire TV Stick at 39 euros instead of 59 euros
Amazon's Fire TV Stick is a solution somewhat similar to Google Chromecast, but these products are very different in their use. If Google's solution necessarily requires a device to broadcast the content (smartphone, tablet, etc.), that of Amazon is sufficient itself with its integrated OS (Fire OS) and its remote control to navigate the menus.
If Amazon services such as Prime Video or Amazon Music are widely promoted, it is still possible to download well-known applications such as Netflix, OCS, Molotov TV or MyCanal via the Amazon App Store. In addition, the small HDMI key is compatible with Alexa to control the TV with voice.
Why is this product recommended?
A serious alternative to Google Chromecast
The remote control supplied with
Amazon services, but also the many applications available
The Fire TV Stick (Basic Edition) is offered at 39 euros on Amazon, instead of 59 euros at its release.
             Find the Fire TV Stick at 39 euros on Amazon

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