ūüĒ• Good deal: the Apple iPhone X is available at 869 euros on Amazon

Marketed at 1,159 euros when it was released in November 2017, the Apple iPhone X (64 GB) is now available at 869 euros on Amazon.

With the iPhone X, Apple has launched a trend in the market: the notch (or notch). A screen design that is found on a lot of flagship today. If you want to have in your possession one of the initiators of this movement, note that it appears at 869 euros on Amazon.


Although the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max are available on the market for a few months, you may not be seduced by the new features brought by these new iterations. The iPhone X still has good reasons to remain attractive in 2019, especially with a drop in price.
It is the first smartphone from Apple to equip a 5.8-inch OLED screen (manufactured by Samsung): this tile has almost no defects and is a real comfort for the eyes daily. We obviously find the notch on the upper part that hides the front camera, but especially a facial recognition system in 3D: the Face ID (usable for Face Unlock or Animojis).
It embeds the A11 Bionic chip to ensure excellent performance. The user experience is perfectly smooth under iOS 12 and it is also possible to run a lot of games in the Play Store, including Fortnite 60 fps. On the side of the photo, the iPhone X is not left with its dual 12 megapixel sensor. It is easy and fun to take beautiful pictures in any context, we can also rely on HDR technology to magnify everything and a rather impressive portrait mode.
The only downside that can be pointed at is its autonomy. With a battery of 2900 mAh, the iPhone X is far from the most enduring smartphones Android, but it still manages to hold a whole day with moderate use.
To know everything about the iPhone X, do not hesitate to find our complete test.
Why do we recommend this smartphone?
An almost perfect OLED screen
Performance always at the top in 2019
A photo part that never misses a shot
The Apple iPhone X (64 GB) is now displayed at 869 euros on Amazon, against 1,159 euros at its release.
             Find the iPhone X (Money) on Amazon
             Find the iPhone X (sidereal gray) on Amazon
Compatible with wireless charging, the iPhone X is not delivered with a charging station. If you want to get one, note that the Anker PowerWave Qi 10W wireless charger is offered for less than 20 euros on Amazon.
             Find the Anker PowerWave Station on Amazon
Where to buy the Apple iPhone X at the best price?
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