🔥 Good deal: the microSD SanDisk Ultra 128 GB is available at 24 euros

Need to expand your storage capacity on your smartphone, tablet or Nintendo Switch? The micro SDD SanDisk Ultra 128 GB is available at 24 euros on Amazon.

The micro SDD SanDisk 128 GB is displayed today at 24 euros on Amazon. An ideal and affordable solution to increase the internal memory of your various electronic devices.
This microSD has a transfer rate of up to 100 MB / s read and write. Homologated A1, it allows to store applications on your Android smartphone or tablet, as well as your dematerialized games on your Nintendo Switch, while keeping good performances.
With its class 10, it also offers the ability to shoot and record videos in 4K from a smartphone or camera, and then view them in the best conditions on a compatible screen.
Note that it comes with an SD adapter to make it easy to transfer your files to a computer, or to simply insert it into a camera.
Why do we recommend this micro SD?

High read / write speed
A1, class 10
SD adapter provided

The micro SDD SanDisk Ultra 128 GB is available today at 24 euros on Amazon.
            Find the MicroSD SD SanDisk Ultra 128 GB to 24 euros
To compare this model with other references, please consult our guide to the best microSD cards in 2019.
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