ūüĒ• Good deal: the Nintendo NES Classic Mini goes to 59 euros with a free Joystick

You still have not tasted the nostalgia of replaying the video games that rocked your childhood? Today, the Nintendo NES Classic Mini is available at 59 euros on Cdiscount with a Joystick and a cheat book offered.

After falling victim to its success – forcing Nintendo to revive the production of the retro console – the NES Classic Mini is now more accessible than before. If it is now offered at the usual rate of 59 euros on Cdiscount, it is nevertheless delivered with a Joystick (with a cheat book) normally sold about twenty euros.
The Nintendo NES Classic Mini is a miniaturized version very successful of the legendary console of the 80s. It then has exactly the same design as the European edition of the console (the Japanese edition "Famicom" being very different), but with measurements small enough to fit in one hand.
Obviously, it adapts to the standards and technologies of our time with a micro USB port for power and an HDMI port for image and sound. However, you do not need to bring out your old cartridges from the closet. This reissue of the retro console of Nintendo integrates about thirty cult games, through Super Mario Bros (1, 2 and 3), Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Donkey Kong, or Double Dragon II: The Revenge .
Small bonus: for those who have spent their childhood in arcade bingo halls, you will be delighted to replay these iconic titles with the Joystick delivered with.
Why do we recommend this retro console?
For its authentic and miniaturized design
For his cult games
For his arcade-style Joystick
The NES Classic Mini console and its Joystick are now available in a pack of 59 euros on Cdiscount.
             Find the NES Classic Mini pack at 59 euros
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