ūüĒ• Good deal: the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 tablet (64 GB) goes down to 430 euros on Boulanger

At present, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is surely the most serious Android alternative to the iPad. With an ODR of 70 euros and a bonus of 100 euros for the recovery of your old tablet, it is now available at 430 euros, against 699 euros at its release.

If you want to have a good tablet in your hands and you are not a big fan of Apple branded products, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is without a doubt the best solution. Marketed at 699 euros at its release, it is now 430 euros on Boulanger, a saving of 270 euros on its original price.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 has the classic design of a tablet, however with excellent finishes. Very nice in hand, but we regret its glass back that clings too much fingerprints, especially since it is not even compatible with the wireless charge. Once the screen is on, the charm works right away: the 10.5-inch Super AMOLED panel with a Quad HD definition of 2560 x 1600 pixels is beautiful. Its pixel density is also higher than the iPad (290 dpi against 264 dpi).
In terms of performance, Samsung does not choose to integrate a home chip (Exynos), but opted for the Snapdragon 835 from Qualcomm. With 4 GB of RAM, the delivered power offers a real comfort on a daily basis to answer all the needs: to browse the Internet, to read videos in Full HD or to play the most greedy games of the Play Store. The Galaxy Tab S4 runs Android 8.1 Oreo with the Samsung Experience interface, but note that the new version of the Google OS will arrive in the course of April 2019 on the tablet of the Korean manufacturer.
The photo part is not usually the highlight of a tablet. However, Samsung has made great efforts with the 13-megapixel back-end sensor that takes clichés for the least convincing. Finally, it is more enduring than the old model with its battery of 7,300 mAh (against 6,000 mAh for the Galaxy Tab S3), which allows it to take between 3 and 5 days depending on use. It also has the advantage of mastering the sleep mode particularly well to achieve significant energy savings.
To know all about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, feel free to check out our comprehensive test.
Why do we recommend this tablet?
The best alternative to the iPad
One of the best screens in the market
Excellent autonomy
Taking into account the ODR 70 euros and 100 euros for the recovery of an old tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is now available at 430 euros on Boulanger.
Note that the Korean manufacturer's tablet comes with a stylus.
             Find the Galaxy Tab S4 at 430 euros on Boulanger
Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 at the best price?
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