? Good deal: the soundbar Samsung HW-MS651 is 199 euros instead of 399 euros

Thanks to an ODR of 100 euros, the Samsung HW-MS651 goes to 199 euros while it is sold at 399 euros in normal time. The soundbar is already good value for money and is even more interesting at half of its original price.

The sound bars are proving to be very affordable solutions to develop a quality sound environment at home. Today, the model HW-MS651 of the manufacturer Samsung is displayed at 199 euros after reimbursement via ODR.
The Samsung HW-MS651 sound bar has a mat design, it sneaks discreetly under your TV to bring an additional auditory charm to your eardrums.
Halfway between the soundbar and the home theater, this soundbar integrates 9 independent speakers (including 1 central speaker), each accompanied by its dedicated amplifier to get the most accurate sound possible. It delivers a beautiful sound, both homogeneous and controlled, which scatters pleasantly throughout the room. The presence of a subwoofer is not necessary thanks to the technology Distortion Canceling, it eliminates the distortions to provide sound to the user without deep shaking your home / apartment.
Very versatile, it can be connected to HDMI (compatible 4K Passthrough), optics, analog via a mini-jack, Bluetooth or WiFi: these last two points are important for those who do not want s' clutter with ever more wires in their installation. In addition, the Samsung soundbar automatically analyzes the sound to adapt its different modes (music, sport, cinema, etc.) according to what you watch or what you listen to.
Why is this product recommended?
Discreet and elegant design
9 independent speakers for a faithful sound
Wired and wireless connection
The different sound modes
Usually sold at 399 euros, the sound bar Samsung HW-MS651 is available today at 199 euros on Darty, fnac.com and Boulanger. To obtain this price, it is necessary to take into account the delayed offer of reimbursement of an amount of 100 euros.
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