🔥 Good deal: these wireless headphones (Bluetooth 5.0) are displayed at 25 euros

You want to buy wireless headphones, but you have a limited budget? Today, Gearbest offers QCY 5.0 Bluetooth headsets at 25 euros thanks to a flash sale.

The QCY Bluetooth 5.0 compatible wireless headphones enjoy an excellent price / quality ratio compared to the competition. Through a flash sale, they are now displayed at just 25 euros on Gearbest.
In-ear form, these wireless headphones are perfect for those who engage in sports while listening to music, especially as they offer protection against sweat and splashing. They will hold perfectly in the ears, where his user will quickly forget them thanks to their featherweight of 50 grams per ear.
In "Mono" or "Stereo" mode, listening is more stable thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 technology – which allows a faster and more energy efficient connection – with an intense and precise sound. In addition, these headphones support HVAC 6.0 noise reduction to optimize call quality, a strong point for hands-free phone conversations in noisy environments (metropolis, train station, subway, etc.).
They enjoy a comfortable autonomy of 4 hours and can recharge up to 8 times in one charge thanks to the battery of 800 mAh of the case.
To compare this model with others, feel free to find our guide to the best true wireless wireless headphones in 2019.
Why do you recommend these true wireless headphones?
An interesting price / quality ratio
Their Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility
HVAC 6.0 noise reduction to improve call quality
The QCY wireless headphones (compatible with Bluetooth 5.0) are now available at 25 euros thanks to a flash sale on Gearbest.
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