? Good Plan: RED mobile package by SFR with 40 GB of 4G to 10 euros per month

RED by SFR renews the offer of its mobile plan without commitment with 40 GB of data 4G, instead of 1 GB, with a rate of 10 euros per month for life.

The 40 GB mobile plan instead of 1 GB to 10 euros per month for life of RED by SFR is a regular offer for the French operator. It is possible to enjoy this package without commitment until January 21st.
This offer gives access to unlimited calls to landlines in France and the DOM (limited to 3 hours maximum per call, cut beyond), as well as unlimited calls, SMS and MMS to mobiles from Europe, the DOM and France. You also benefit from a significant coverage of 4G data in mainland France with 40 GB, including 4 GB extra to use abroad.
Note that the operator benefits from one of the best 4G + networks in terms of coverage and speeds: this allows you to enjoy the best of SFR with the benefits of a non-binding package, and a small price for life!
Why do we recommend this package?
Offer without obligation with lifetime price
Consistent 4G coverage
One of the best 4G + networks in terms of flows
Until January 21, the 1 GB package, replaced by 40 GB, is available at 10 euros per month.
             Redeem the 40 GB RED by SFR package at 10 euros
To compare this package with others available on the market, feel free to use our comparator packages.

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