ūüĒ• Good plan: the RED box (with the option debit plus 1 Gb / s) to 20 euros per month for life

RED by SFR offers a new offer for its Fiber / THD subscription. Still at 20 euros per month for life, benefit today free of the option "debit plus" which allows to reach 1 Gb / s for download and 200 Mb / s for sending (instead of respectively 200 Mb / s and 50 Mb / s).

RED by SFR currently offers the "debit plus" option (normally charged at 5 euros) at its Fiber or THD internet box. This offer without commitment is available at 20 euros per month for life until February 11, 2019.
RED by SFR offers first and foremost unlimited calls to landlines in France and to more than 100 different destinations. You will receive number presentation, voicemail and email services on your email address. The internet subscription with the RED box offers unlimited access to the Internet in fiber and very high speed. Normally with a theoretical bit rate capped at 200 Mb / s download and 50 Mb / s upload, this offer includes the option "debit plus" increases the bit rate to 1 Gb / s download and 200 Mb / s s sends some.
Note that this offer does not include the TV option, you must pay 2 euros more per month if you want to get access to different TV channels via the decoder RED by SFR.
If you are not eligible for Fiber or THD, it is still possible to choose the ADSL offer which is proposed for 15 euros per month, but note that it is impossible to benefit from the option "debit more ".
Why is this Internet package recommended?

Fiber or THD internet subscription without commitment
"Debit plus" option offered
20 euros for a lifetime

The non-binding subscription to the SFR RED box (with the "debit plus" option) is at 20 euros per month until February 11th.
            Find the RED box offer at 20 euros / month
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