? Good Plan: Wi Fi system Mesh Netgear Orbi from 99 euros on Amazon

Several Wi Fi Mesh Netgear Orbi systems are currently being promoted on Amazon. This is the time to save money by improving the internet and Wi-Fi connection of your house or apartment.

Who has never encountered any problems with his internet connection? Nobody, and some more than others. Netgear has been offering solutions called Orbi for these users for some time. This is a Wi-Fi solution that aims to improve the stability and diffusion of your internet through your home / apartment. The installation is very simple and it is possible to configure the future home network through the mobile application. You will find a promotion solo or pack on Amazon.
The Netgear Orbi packs
Two Wi Fi packs are on sale on Amazon: the RBK20 goes up to 189 euros instead of 249 euros and the RBK50 goes up to 279 euros instead of 429 euros.

Apart from the price, it is the maximum coverage allowed by these two facilities that sets them apart. You can cover up to 350 m2 with the RBK50 system against 250 m2 for the RBK20. Choose according to your home, but in both cases you can add other repeaters if you feel the need.
We recently made a takeover of the RBK20. The results show a good improvement of the internet connection in the housing of our tester.
            Find the Netgear Orbi System RBK20 pack at 189 euros on Amazon
            Find the Netgear Orbi RBK50 pack at 279 euros on Amazon
Netear Orbi products in solo
If you have a small area to cover, the router RBK20 pack, the RBR20, is available at 99 euros instead of 148.84 euros on Amazon.
            Find the Netgear Orbi RBR20 router at 99 euros on Amazon
Orbi also offers additional satellites to extend the scope of its existing installation. They are also on sale on Amazon:

Netgear Orbi Satellite RBS20 (to extend your network coverage up to 125 m2) to 99.99 euros instead of 139.99 euros
Netgear Orbi Satellite RBS50 (to extend your network coverage up to 175 m2) to 169.99 euros instead of 249.99 euros

You will find all Netgear Orbi equipment on Amazon by following this link.
            Find all Netgear Orbi products on Amazon

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