? Good Plan: Withings Nokia connected scales from 39 euros on Amazon and fnac.com

The Withings / Nokia Body and Body + connected scales are on Amazon and fnac.com. The simplest is 39 euros instead of 59 euros and the most complete is 59 euros instead of 99 euros. An investment that could go hand in hand with your good resolutions of 2019.

We are in 2019 and you may have taken a good resolution to get in shape. This lens requires some willpower and some connected things can give you a boost, like the Withings / Nokia Body and Body + connected scales. These will include updating the measured statistics on the sports tracking apps you use (compatible with MyFitnessPal, Nest, Google Fit, RunKeeper, Apple Health, and Samsung Health).
Withings / Nokia Body: Simple, basic connected scale
The Withings / Nokia Body is an easy-to-use entry-level bathroom scale that goes to the basics. Once on the device, the small LCD displays your weight and compares it to your last 8 weighings as a histogram. A history completed with information on your body mass index (BMI) and the weather of the day.

Unlike many connected scales, the Body runs on Wi-Fi. An advantage that is practical on a daily basis since the information is immediately transferred to the Health Mate + application. Finally, know that she can manage up to 8 different profiles and provides advice to users, such as pregnant women for example. It works with 4 AAA batteries (supplied).
Why do you recommend this scale?
Easy to use
Full application
Little price
Find the scales connected Withings / Nokia Body at 39 euros on Amazon and fnac.com instead of 59.95 euros.
             Find the Balance Body at 39 euros on Amazon
             Find the Balance Body at 39 euros on fnac.com
Withings / Nokia Body +: the complete connected scale
As the name suggests, the Body + is a slightly more complete version than the Body. In addition to calculating your BMI, this scale is able to measure your body fat, muscle and bone.

For the rest, it's a product very similar to the other version. To advise people who want to have as much information as possible about their physical health. The scale therefore always works in Wi-Fi, can record up to 8 separate profiles and needs 4 AAA batteries (supplied) to be used.
Why do you recommend this scale?
Find the connected scale Withings / Nokia Body + at 59 euros on Amazon and fnac.com instead of 99.95 euros. At this price, it's as if you buy the Basic Body but with more options.
             Find the Body + balance at 59 euros on Amazon
             Find the Body + balance at 59 euros on fnac.com
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