🔥 Mobile package: last days for the limited series of Bouygues, RED and Free

If you want to enjoy a non-binding discounted price, find the different offers of French operators that end in the following days: Free mobile 50 GB to 8.99 euros, RED unlimited 40/60 GB from 10 euros per month, as well as B & You 40/50 GB from 9.99 euros per month with unlimited internet on weekends.

In recent days, French operators are engaged in a price war and launch many limited series without commitment that offer great benefits at unpublished prices. If you want to enjoy it, there are only a few hours left for Free and RED offers and B & You with unlimited internet on the weekend ends this Wednesday, April 3, 2019.
Free mobile 50 GB to 8.99 euros per month
This Free Mobile plan to 8.99 euros per month for one year gives access to unlimited calls to fixed and mobile and unlimited SMS / MMS in France and to overseas territories (excluding Mayotte for calls). It includes a substantial 4G envelope with 50 GB per month the first year, then 100 GB when the price of the subscription goes to 19.99 euros. From Europe and the DOM, you are entitled to the same conditions regarding calls, SMS and MMS, but you benefit from a dedicated 4 GB web envelope on the 3G network (beyond, the Mo is charged 0.0054 €).
Offer ends April 2, 2019.
             Find the Free Mobile 50 GB plan at 8.99 / month
RED unlimited 40 or 50 GB from 10 euros per month
The first flat rate of 10 euros per month gives access to unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles (limited to 3 hours maximum per call and 200 recipients per month), as well as to unlimited SMS and MMS in Metropolitan France, Europe and the United States. Overseas departments. You get 4G coverage of 40 GB, with an additional 4 GB envelope from Europe and the DOM.
The second package for 15 euros per month gives access to unlimited calls to fixed and mobile (cut beyond 3 hours), as well as unlimited SMS and MMS (limited to 200 recipients) from Metropolitan France, the European Union, the DOM, but also the United States, Canada, Switzerland and Andorra. In France, the 4G coverage amounts to 60 GB of data per month with a reduced speed beyond (nevertheless possible to use the WiFi SFR network). From abroad, an additional envelope of 15 GB is granted every month.
Offer ends April 1, 2019.
             Find RED unlimited offers from 10 euros / month
B & You 40 GB or 50 GB (with unlimited internet on weekends) from 9.99 euros per month
The first package at 9.99 euros per month includes unlimited calls, SMS, MMS in metropolitan France with 40 GB of 4G data. From Europe and the DOM, you are also entitled to unlimited calls and SMS, including 4 GB of 4G data deducted from your total envelope.
The second package at 14.99 euros per month is a little more complete than the previous one and is ideal for those who travel a lot. It gives access to unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from and to Metropolitan France, Europe, the French overseas departments, the United States and Canada. It has a 4G data envelope more consistent than the first with 50 GB usable per month, including unlimited access to the Internet on weekends (only in France) and 10 GB deducted from the total envelope from abroad (more precisely in Europe, DOM, USA and Canada).
Offer ends April 3, 2019.
             Find the B & You mobile packages from 9.99 euros / month


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