10 tips for filming, shooting with your drone

If you want to shoot landscapes and wide open spaces, it is advisable to turn autofocus off and switch to a manual setting, with a focal length close to infinity. The Phantom 4 Pro now has an autofocus function that allows you to automatically adjust the focus during your transitions between different shots. (good not quite enough in my opinion ..) On the new models of drones DJI, think to type the screen for the tap to focus if you do not want to have surprises in post … If you can, play on your aperture which also influences the sharpness! Set the aperture on F08 / F11 to obtain a homogeneous and especially clear composition. Note that as the aperture increases, the camera will need more light and stability. It's up to you to master your exhibition triangle to adjust accordingly according to the light. Use the Histogram for Exposure! When using an FPV video feedback system, especially if shooting in bright places, it can be really difficult to choose the right level of exposure. It all happened to us to shoot in a beautiful place and to realize when we got home that our plans are (more often) exposed and really unusable afterwards! Many builders like DJI have integrated a histogram into their software to track the level of exposure in real time which allows you to avoid this kind of disappointments once back in front of your computer!

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