2018: Do you remember these remarkable tech news?

2018 comes to an end and will give way to a new revolution of the Earth around the sun. It was a particularly busy year for the tech world, where many news items followed one another. Do you remember all these highlights? We take stock!
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Before turning the page "2018" to 2019 (in a whirlwind with a CES 2019 that promises to be promising), let's take a little time to look back on the last 365 days and the news who have marked the world of Tech during this period. And the best is still to recap in chronological order.
In January: the 2018 Galaxy A8 and Google's surveillance
Each year, the CES kicks off in the world of Tech and, again this year, it was the case. Many products were presented and made us dream, but one of them really stood out: the Samsung Galaxy A8 2018. While it was presented in December 2017, but it actually revealed its value in January , proving Samsung's desire to do better in the mid-range segment.
Although a little expensive at its release, the Galaxy A8 2018 has remained a reference and has established itself throughout the year, remaining among the most popular smartphones in our community until the end of the year.
The Galaxy A8 2018
At the same time, Android was a little indiscreet in its management of Bluetooth. Even when you disable the protocol, the device continues to use Bluetooth to collect location information, especially in indoor public places (shopping centers, museums …). A collection of data that of course has not been to everyone's taste.
In February: Samsung Galaxy S9 and media war against ISPs
In February, it is the Mobile World Congress that usually marks the minds of technophiles, but this year, Samsung has eclipsed everyone by presenting a few days earlier his Galaxy S9. Without being particularly disturbing in the world of telecoms, the new flagship Samsung has managed to raise a wave of panic at the Catalan show deserted by its competitors frightened, but also to bring a little novelty with its variable aperture lens.

Meanwhile, in France, TF1 asked Internet service providers to pay more to continue broadcasting its channels on the box decoder. A drama in several acts that has opposed several groups (TF1, Canal + and M6) to the giants of telecom (Orange, SFR, Free). A situation that led to more fear than harm in the end.
March 2018: Fortnite on mobiles and GrayKey, a case that "wears all the iPhone"
In March, while some fought against bots on PUBG Mobile, Fortnite began to flirt with its audience with promotional videos. But it was especially the arrival of the beta version of the game that marked the spirits, especially those who were not selected or had no compatible smartphone.

And while some were playing, others rebelled to learn that there is a box that can unlock any iPhone. Even worse, this box is offered to US authorities at a price ranging from $ 15 to $ 30,000. In the idea, it means two things. The first is that the US government would theoretically be able to retrieve the information from any iPhone from the moment it has it in its possession, and the second that iOS still has security vulnerabilities to achieve such feat.
April 2018: the P20 Pro puts a slap and Gmail gets a new look
Formalized at the end of March, the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro arrived a few days later in our hands and we had the opportunity to test them, just like the other newsrooms. The Chinese manufacturer wanted to hit hard from the beginning of the year and set the bar very high with what has been considered the best smartphone for several months.
If the P20 has lived up to the very good smartphones, it is the P20 Pro that has managed to take the breath away from the entire press with its very nice homogeneity and excellent camera. This is clearly a smartphone that will be remembered in a few years, not only for launching the mode of triple sensors, but also for propelling Huawei on the front of the stage even faster.

Launched in 2004, Gmail has evolved very little in terms of aesthetics. In April 2018, however, the service was redesigned with a new and more modern design. Available initially by simple manipulation, this new interface is now the norm and brings some additional features including from Inbox.
May 2018: YouTube Music and Xiaomi arrive in France
The month of May was very hectic with many announcements, such as the third package of Free, the launch of Google One, the new Google storage service or the failures of different operators who have succeeded. But what has struck us the most are arrivals to France.
Xiaomi has nothing secret for us, it is a brand that we follow for many years already. And yet, the Chinese manufacturer is officially available in France for a few months. A fanfare launch followed by the opening of several boutiques and a simple promise: to establish itself as one of the leaders on the European market.

Another French launch of an actor already available elsewhere: YouTube Music. The service arrived in France, replacing at the same time YouTube RED in countries where it was available. Google wants to take advantage of its huge YouTube community to turn this customer into Premium subscribers who will benefit from a multi-service offering.
June 2018: Microsoft acquires GitHub, Oppo arrives in France with Find X and Amazon launches Alexa
Microsoft bought GitHub for $ 7.5 billion. If you are not a developer, it is likely that you missed out on this information. Hosting service for programming projects, GitHub was particularly popular with the Librist community. What a thunderclap for this community to see his favorite service end up in the hands of a major player in the digital economy, one of those famous GAFAM that everyone is suspicious of.
Six months later, GitHub does not seem to have changed direction and continues its pro-developer and pro-open source initiatives.

Shortly after Xiaomi, Oppo, another Chinese giant, arrived in France. This international deployment was made with great fanfare, during a party at the Louvre and with an amazing flagship, the Find X. This fully borderless smartphone hides its camera in a motorized sliding shutter. At the same time a return to the sources of the telephones of the beginning of the 2000s and a vision of the future.
Oppo is not the only one to have (re) made its first steps in France in 2018. This is also the case of Alexa, the personal assistant of Amazon who finally found at us the Echo she had need. Or rather the Echo, since the connected speaker is also accompanied Echo Dot and Echo Spot variants form factor a little different.
July 2018: Fortnite buoud the Play Store and third-party developers search your mails
July was not an easy month for Google. On the one hand, we had to agree to see Fortnite sulk the Play Store. Epic Games was not ready to share her golden egg hen and let it know. A strategy that seems paid because players do not hesitate to download the game where it is, even if it is not the official Google store.

In a second step, the Wall Street Journal revealed that Gmail allowed third-party extensions to access the content of emails. Blow for the service, even if Google defends itself by recalling some security rules.
Strongly 2020 so that the submarine cable announced the same month by Google can improve the quality of the services of the company Mountain View in France.
August 2018: Android Pie and the Trump vs. Google conflict
In August, a few months after the announcement of Android P and its limited availability in Developer Preview version, Google launched Android 9 Pie. This update is not a big aesthetic facelift of the system, but still brings some significant new features such as navigation by gestures, the monitoring of its digital well-being, AI management to improve autonomy or even automatic adjustment of the brightness of your smartphone.
The biggest novelty of this update has been the speed with which some manufacturers have updated their smartphones. Unfortunately, this was not the case for everyone.

In a completely different way, Donald Trump, the current president of the United States, has targeted Google, finding that the famous search engine did not sufficiently highlight the glorifying articles, pointing fingers at the "fake news" about it too easily accessible. Google quickly responded by reminding that its algorithms are not altered and that it is high quality content for users. And Bam !
September 2018: the new iPhone and a dispute between Orange and Free
Back to school every year is punctuated by the annual conference of Apple during which the US giant unveiled its new iPhone. This year, we have seen iPhone XS, XS Max and XR appear. If the first two are the logical descendants of the previous generation (with a mutation of the iPhone 8 Plus), the iPhone XR is rather original. A little disappointing on paper, especially because of its LCD screen that is not even Full HD, it is an excellent choice for who wants an iPhone without paying a price to 4 digits.

Meanwhile, the operators continue to bail out. Taking advantage of the end of historical fixed lines, Free has tried to convert some of its customers to packages including telephone services. An attempt quickly curbed by Orange, heir to the lines of France Telecom.
October 2018: Pixel 3 (in France) and Google in compliance with the EU
Finally ! After 2 generations dodged, the range Pixel Google has finally arrived in France with the Pixel 3. A particular design, a disappointing autonomy … the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are not the best in all areas, far from it, but they managed one thing: to set the bar high when it comes to the quality of mobile photography. The experts at DxOMark may not be convinced, but the results are really impressive, especially at night with the Night Sight mode.

Google, always him, has also come into compliance with the decision of the European Commission regarding its dominant position on Android. Third-party builders will be able to do without Google Search or Google Chrome without missing the Google Play Store. This could nevertheless push up the selling price of the smartphones concerned.
November 2018: foldable smartphone and drilled screens
In November, we had a glimpse of the near future with some new design features that should change the way we use the smartphone. The most impressive is of course the Samsung Infinity Flex Display, the Korean giant's new screen technology to create a collapsible smartphone.
At the same time smartphone and tablet, the prototype of Samsung is astonishing for the technology which it conceals. In its current form, it is nevertheless very disappointing and it will be necessary to wait until the beginning of the year 2019 to really know what is hidden behind.

At the same time, the "pierced screens" began to be confirmed. This is the case for example Huawei Nova 4 or Galaxy A8s. We also imagine that the Galaxy S10 should follow the same pattern.
December 2018: Freebox Delta (v7) and Samsung's strange partnership with a counterfeit trademark
Expected all year (and even more), the new Freebox v7 has finally arrived! Or rather "have finally arrived", since this is the Freebox Delta, the Freebox One and now the Freebox Delta S. A true condensed technology, the Freebox Delta offers a hybrid connection (xDSL + 4G) to improve the browsing quality of those who do not have the fiber, a real NAS server (with a disk of 1 TB, but other berries as needed). There is also a built-in Devialet sound system, two remotes that are reloaded by induction on the box, home automation or even subscriptions (including Netflix).
We had the opportunity to take this box in hand (as well as his little sister), and it's something!

Samsung wanted to make an announcement effect also with a partnership with the Supreme brand. Finally almost because it is Supreme Italia, a counterfeit that plays its resemblance to the famous Supreme NYC. Pity !
And it is on this (false) note that the year 2018 ends. Let's hope now that 2019 will be a year also eventful with its lot of milestones.

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