3 news that marked the week: Huawei spies, Galaxy S10 rendering and new Gmail interface

The week was hard to follow? Do not worry: we insure your back. What we had to remember this week is that Huawei was caught in the bag in industrial espionage, the first renditions of the Galaxy S10 + have reached us, and Google has introduced the new interface of Gmail for Android.

Spying: Huawei has been caught in the sack of the most ridiculous of ways
A series of emails highlighted by the United States Justice embarrass the builder Huawei. The message exchange shows how the Chinese company stole an American robot. It also proves that to mount a spying operation, email is not the most recommended tool.

Samsung Galaxy S10 +: a detailed press release shows its doubly drilled screen
An image of the Samsung Galaxy S10 + that seems to come from the offices of the brand has been broadcast on the web. It shows the new design of the smartphone, including its doubly drilled screen.

Gmail for Android and iOS: Google unveils new interface with Material Theming
Google announces a new major version of Gmail on Android and iOS. Version 9.1 brings a new interface with Material Theming.

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