4G and 5G rollout: Orange and Bouygues lead

The National Agency of Frequencies (ANFR) has made available the evolution of the deployment of antennas 4G and 5G in France on the month of March. And while Orange still dominates the side of 4G, Bouygues seems to be a little ahead of the 5G.

The ANFR barometer shows how many antenna sites were authorized last month. A site that can include several 4G or 5G antennas, we can measure the improvements of the network and the ambitions of the operators.
Orange still keeps the lead in 4G
18,923 sites, this is the number of 4G antenna sites owned by Orange in France. A figure that has increased by 188 for this month of March. SFR also acts as a good student with 125 new sites, bringing its total number of sites to 17,595. Bouygues Telecom increases its number of sites to 17,182 with 85 new sites and finally Free Mobile remains the worst student with 89 new sites but a total number of only 12,453.
Bouygues in pole position on 5G
But what is most interesting about this barometer are the 5G sites. French operators are starting to test the new network on the 3.5 Ghz band and it is Bouygues Telecom which holds the lead with 37 stations, the same figure as last month. The only operator to have recovered stations this month is SFR with 2 new stations, which allows him to increase his number to 25 and to overtake Orange and its 24 stations.
Improvements to the network are welcome while the 5G should soon arrive in a few cities in France.

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