7 high tech and geek gift ideas from last minutes before Christmas

Christmas is coming and you are falling behind on gifts? Do not panic, you will find here a list of geek and high tech products to offer to your loved ones for Christmas: a Nintendo Switch console, Meze headphones, a OnePlus 6T smartphone or an external Duracell battery. They can arrive home before Christmas Eve if you order them quickly enough on Amazon, Fnac or Darty.

The Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch is tearing and we easily understand why. The game catalog is starting to grow with the recent arrival of Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Pokémon Let's Go.
It is a console that will be sure to please both the youngest and oldest. In addition, it is possible to play with a friend by separating the controller in two. You will find here our guide of the best consoles of 2018.
Why is the Nintendo Switch recommended?
Because we can play several
It's a hybrid console
Because she has an excellent line-up
The Nintendo Switch is available at 304.99 euros with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on Fnac.com. The console can be delivered before Christmas depending on the delivery method. You will be able to use it to add games or a pair of additional Joy-Con to play several in your basket.
             Find the Nintendo Switch + Mario Kart at 304.99 euros
             Find Super Smash Bros Ultimate at 59.99 euros
If you're not interested in the Nintendo catalog, we also find the PlayStation 4 Slim with God of War, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII at 299.99 euros on Amazon.

Find this PS4 pack on Amazon.
             Find the PS4 pack at 299 euros on Amazon
Google Home and Home Mini
The Google Home is a good speaker to animate his evenings with friends. It is also a good gateway to home automation for people who are interested in Google Assistant.

The differences between the Google Home and the Home Mini are not just a big story: the Home Mini features a single 40mm speaker and a single microphone. The Home, meanwhile, incorporates a large excursion speaker with 5 cm transducer and two 5 cm passive radiators that should improve the bass level.
Read on FrAndroid: Google Home vs. Home Mini vs. Home Max: What Differences? Which one to choose ?

Note that it also uses two microphones that can better capture the voice of the user in a noisy environment. Finally, the Home Mini uses a micro USB connection for its power supply which is convenient for its installation.
Why do you recommend these connected speakers?
They work with Google Assistant
The audio is more than correct
You'll be able to control many connected objects and applications
Find the Google Home on Darty, fnac.com and Boulanger.
             Find the Google Home at 149 euros on Darty
             Find the Google Home at 149 euros on fnac.com
             Find the Google Home at 149 euros on Boulanger
Find the Google Home Mini on Darty, fnac.com Boulanger.
             Find the Google Home Mini at 59 euros on Darty
             Find the Google Home Mini at 59 euros on fnac.com
             Find the Google Home Mini at 59 euros on Boulanger
The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
You can store thousands of books on Amazon's famous Kindle Paperwhite and enjoy it anywhere, anytime. This new version of the e-reader allows it to be waterproof, thinner and a little more autonomous than its previous model.

In addition to allowing you to always have his favorite books with you, this reader can access a dictionary, put notes at the bottom of the page or access a large book store Wi-Fi. The Kindle Paperwhite is part of our guide to the best electronic readers of 2018.
Why is this e-reader recommended?
Because it allows you to always have your digital books with you
It is easily transportable
She is now waterproof!
The Kindle Paperwhite reading light can be delivered before Christmas.
             Find the Kindle Paperwhite at 139 euros on Amazon
The Nvidia Shield TV
The Nvidia Shield TV is one of the best Android TVs of the moment. It allows you to play, play video in 4K HDR 10 and even use Google Assistant.

The latest update of the box has even added compatibility with Dolby Atmos technology.
Why is Nvidia Shield TV recommended?
It is compatible with 4K UHD
Android TV + Play Store + Chromecast + NVIDIA Services + Google Assistant = ???
It is now Dolby Atmos compatible
The Nvidia Shield TV can still be delivered before Christmas, hurry to order it.
             Find the Nvidia Shield TV at 164 euros on Amazon
For less, you can still offer an Amazon Fire TV Stick or a Google Chrome Chromecast latest generation.
             Find the Fire TV Stick at 55 euros on Amazon
             Find the Google Chromecast at 34 euros on Darty
             Find the Google Chromecast at 34 euros on fnac.com
             Find the Google Chromecast at 34 euros on Boulanger
The OnePlus 6T
The OnePlus 6T is one of those smartphones that are good everywhere, but still sold at a price. If you really want to please someone who needs to change your smartphone, you can take it online with your eyes closed.

The device has a premium design in addition to a beautiful AMOLED display. The camera has improved with this version of transition and power is needed with its SoC Snapdragon 845. It received the score of 8/10 in our columns.
Why is the OnePlus 6T recommended?
His SoC gives him a lot of power
His camera is doing very well in strong and low light
It remains much cheaper than the high-end smartphones released in 2018
Find the OnePlus 6T on Amazon and choosing the right delivery method, you can be delivered before the arrival of Santa Claus.
             Find the OnePlus 6T on Amazon
For half the price, you can still offer the Honor 8X is a very good mid-range design very neat. You can find more information about it in our test.
             Find Honor 8X on Amazon
The Meze headphones
These headphones Meze Neo 11 are far from overly expensive and are excellent qualities. They improve the sound reproduction and especially the pleasure of listening compared to simple earphones provided with smartphones.

The Neo 11 version is less than 60 euros, but the Neo 12 version is less than 80 euros on Amazon.
Why do we recommend these headphones?
These are affordable Hi-Res headphones
Their design is rather discreet
You will discover your favorite songs again
You can get them before Christmas, but hurry up!
             Find the Meze 11 to 60 euros on Amazon
             Find the Meze 12 to 80 euros on Amazon
If you prefer to offer a helmet for Christmas, the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II is available at 329 euros on Amazon.
             Find the Bose QC 35 II at 329 euros on Amazon
The Duracell External Battery
After the batteries, Duracell attacked the external batteries. Three models are for sale on Amazon, the most powerful of which is visible below: 10,050 mAh. The builder says that you will be in your carry-on if you're flying, which may interest frequent flyers.

In addition, these batteries have a rather unique and rather cool look.
Why do I recommend these Duracell External Batteries?
They are design
Several storage capacities according to your needs
Find Duracell external batteries on Amazon. They can still be delivered before Christmas.
             Find Duracell external batteries at 30 euros on Amazon
If these batteries do not tell you anything, you can always turn to the good old references of the middle like the Anker PowerCore of 20 100 mAh.
             Find the Anker battery at 33 euros on Amazon
Gift cards
Sometimes it is better to leave the choice of the gift to the people who wish to please. You will find several gift cards below to offer:
If you have not found your happiness
We have other selections to suggest to you so that you can still find the perfect gift to offer. They are all referenced here:
The guides dedicated to smartphones:
You will also find the purchase guides by price:


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