A roll-up smartphone? LG would work on it in addition to its foldable smartphone – FrAndroid

After unveiling his roll-up Signature TV at CES, LG has confirmed working also on this type of design … for a smartphone. It would be one of the different formats currently being studied by manufacturers.
The roll-up TV from LG
Last week, Las Vegas hosted the CES, the major consumer electronics show. The opportunity for manufacturers to unveil their novelties in terms of laptops or TVs. For LG, the show was especially the opportunity to officially unveil a product on which he has been working for several years, a roll-up TV for its LG Signature range.
However, if smartphones were more or less absent from the show, they were still in the heads of visitors, including the Korean manufacturer. Asked by the site Tom's Guide as to whether this type of technology could happen on smartphones, IP Park, LG's technical director, said that was the case.
"We are exploring different formats for smartphones, including collapsible and rollable. Because display technologies have grown so much that we can now develop them in very flexible formats. And with 5G, if the market needs larger screens, we will need to fold them or roll them up. So we're working on it, "said LG's executive.
A screen that could be offered to other manufacturers
We already knew that LG was working on a foldable screen smartphone. A technology that was expected to discover during the CES in Las Vegas, but should be announced later. In this segment, the Korean manufacturer will have several major competitors, such as Royole, but especially Samsung and Huawei. On the other hand, LG seems for the time being the only manufacturer to imagine a roll-up screen model, like the TV.
It is unclear for the moment what the device could look like and there is no indication that it will ever be marketed. It does indeed currently appear only at the stage of research and development, but know that a major player like LG, which provides slabs of many manufacturers, working on this technology suggests that this smartphone format will arrive well. day on the market.

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