A Windows version for foldable devices? Microsoft would already work on

According to The Verge, Microsoft is actively working on a version of Windows specifically designed for folding devices. Toc knock the project Andromeda.

The future of foldable smartphones will not only be played out on the devices themselves, but also on the operating systems that will compose them. Samsung may have introduced a flexible smartphone, it would be considered an empty shell if no calibrated OS would come to guarantee a stable user experience. This is also why Google, owner of Android, intends to deploy a version of its software capable of supporting natively foldable screens.
Windows Build for Foldable Device Spotted
Clearly, the future of technology seems to be shining around devices that can bend in half. A vision clearly shared by Microsoft, very interested in the idea of ​​positioning itself on this niche. The one who dominates the market of OS on computer would work actively on a version of Windows specially adapted for folding devices, one learns from a source close to the file quoted by The Verge.
This area would benefit from major investments from the US group, whose project will focus on Windows applications, and the operating system as a whole, able to operate for devices of this type. As such, The Verge does not fail to mention the recent appearance of a build Windows 10 dedicated to foldable devices, reviving the arrival of arrival (next?) Andromeda project.
Andromeda, it would be for 2019
The latter would rely on a flexible mobile phone equipped, one imagines, a mobile operating system created internally by the firm of Redmond, and whose official presentation would occur in the course of the year 2019. It could be so that Microsoft is working on a new mobile version of its software. Or on a more global version dedicated to any type of folding devices.

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