Accessing the US Netflix Catalog has never been easier with NordVPN

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    If the French catalog Netflix is ​​more and more garnished, it is still pale against his American counterpart. Fortunately, it is easy to access the latter by using a VPN. Here's how.

If the French version of Netflix excels in the field of the series, it is not really the case as regards the films. The chronology of the French media being what it is (and its reform is obviously not ready to succeed before a good time), the US platform is indeed forced not to broadcast on its platform a film released in room 36 months ago. In other words, an eternity.
On the other hand, on the other side of the Atlantic, the catalog of Netflix, in terms of film, is much more packed and especially much more interesting. The films of Marvel or Pixar very often arrive less than 8 months after their release in theaters on the American catalog. The last two Star Wars (Solo: A Star Wars Story does not exist), including The Last Jedi can thus be seen currently on Netflix US.
These are some of the movies that can be seen on Netlflix US by typing Star Wars in the search engine.
Netflix does not offer to automatically switch from one local catalog to another, for obvious reasons. But it is very simple to access a foreign Netflix catalog … using a VPN. All paying VPNs do not allow access to Netflix US. This is the case, however, for NordVPN, one of the best students in this category. To access the Netflix US catalog, simply install the NordVPN application, whether it is a computer or a smartphone.
The Disney catalog is also well supplied.
Once the application is installed, just choose a server to connect to. NordVPN, for example, offers about 5202 on its application, distributed in 62 different countries. All you have to do is connect to connect directly to Uncle Sam's country. NordVPN is one of the few VPNs to regularly check that the SVOD service works well with its servers. Open Netflix and here you are with the American catalog! Be careful though, without mentioning it explicitly, Netflix suggests in its terms of use that the use of a VPN may possibly lead to restrictions.
This is the home page of the NordVPN Windows application. It is enough to choose a country to then deport virtually its connection on this territory.
VPN: a good way to protect your privacy
A VPN is not just used to override the geographic restrictions of SVOD services. A VPN makes you partly anonymous on the Web by assigning you a new IP address and protects all your data by encrypting them. In particular, it ensures that its Internet connection is not monitored. Provided that the VPN service that we use is a serious minimum.
Automatic login, Kill Switch, invisibility on the local network are some of the options offered by the NordVPN app.
This is the case of NordVPN, for example, which guarantees to keep strictly no log of activity (log) of its users. "We do not track the time or duration of online sessions and keep no log of IP addresses or servers used, or visited websites or downloaded files," reads the NordVPN official website.

The NordVPN application also contains some very useful features, such as the Kill Automatic Switch. Specifically in the case where the VPN connection is interrupted, the application will automatically cut off access to the Internet if it is no longer protected by a VPN tunnel. In other words, it is the guarantee that at no time your data can become accessible to a third party.
                        NordVPN is a Virtual Private Network that helps protect your online identity by encrypting the data traffic you generate. This guy …
                        3 reasons to download this application
                        If you are concerned about your digital identity
                                                                To enjoy geoblocked content
                                                                Different paid subscriptions according to your needs
Finally, one of the exclusive features of the Android application is the automatic VPN connection over WiFi network. It is thus possible to set the NordVPN application so that when it connects to a certain type of WiFi network (typically unsecured WiFi networks of airports or hotels), it automatically starts the VPN connection.
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