After Freebox One and Freebox Delta, Free is already preparing a new fixed offer

To get out of the crisis, Free would prepare to launch a new offer on fixed, after the Freebox One, Freebox Delta and Freebox Delta S launched in late 2018.

This is the crisis, Free has lost a lot of subscribers in 2018 and the Iliad group has unscrewed on the stock market. Despite the 100,000 subscribers who have been convinced by the Freebox Delta, Free does not seem to be returning to its former success.
The operator would therefore prepare to review his offer again and add a new package.
A new Freebox One offer?
The Freebox Universe website reports that Free is about to launch a new fixed offer. The source is none other than Xavier_Laff, a Twitter user who had already accurately predicted the name of the Freebox One and some of its features. This suggests that he is quite well informed about the plans of the operator.

🆓 Small info about #free!
A new offer is expected soon. #mardifree?
Go we hope that the Freebox One is better development and that the migration is finally possible why not a new service or a low price!
– Xavier 🇪🇺🇨🇦 (@xavier_laff) March 18, 2019

If Xavier wonders if the announcement will arrive on Tuesday, the usual day when Free likes to reveal his news, he confirms in another tweet that he has no idea of ​​the date at which this eventual new offer will be made official.
It is difficult to predict what this new offer could consist of. It would be surprising if this is a new Freebox while Free has already launched two new ones recently. The most believable would still be the launch of a new Freebox One offer, may be cheaper and without Netflix or access to the TV service.
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