Against the flow, Facebook is trying ultra-clear mode

While everyone launches its dark theme, Facebook is testing a new interface that gives pride of place to white among some of its users. A purified and more modern version.

Messenger has just been entitled to its dark theme as long as we know the trick and thus join the many applications that offer a mode designed for night owls. But like the Roman god Janus, Facebook has many faces and seems to consider another path for the Android application of its social network.
According to XDA, some users would have had an update of the application radically transforming the Facebook interface. The blue areas in particular and the color of the logos give way to flat areas of white and gray. A more sober and clearer theme that sets aside the main color touch of Mark Zuckerberg's company.
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This new design is server-side enabled, so there is no way to force its use for the moment, neither in the application itself, nor by digging into the bowels of the APK to believe the first searches of the XDA team. There is no reason to say that this version will be deployed on a larger scale for the moment, but if the test is conclusive, Facebook could lose its iconic blue …
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