AirPods: two years later, do we look less stupid or just less alone?

Without warning, Apple recently launched new AirPods. The wireless headphones and their little white box had sparked skepticism and mockery at their presentation in September 2016. Two and a half years later, they are everywhere. How? Why ? Maybe just because we did it.

And Tim drew the AirPods 2
A week before its "stars and glitter" event, Apple has emptied its stock of upcoming products. To clarify the message and not mislead the journalists: there would be no material announcement. New iPads on Mondays, new iMacs on Tuesdays. And on Wednesday, Tim Cook designed the new AirPods, and the AirPods 2 were. Just in time for buyers of the first marketed early 2017: their batteries began to suffer. Everything was possible then. "Tim Apple" was he going to draw an AirPower that would materialize by magic? As a reminder, induction rechargeable AirPods were already promised at the same time as the legendary hotplate, which will remain forever to absent subscribers.
What are these stems in your ears?
On these AirPods 2, there is not much to say. These are the same, with a new chip inside, a support for "Dis Siri" and reduced latency. So little that we are pretty sure they have been in the boxes for many months.

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No, what's interesting is the reaction to these new AirPods. Because it has occurred, since their marketing, an unexpected phenomenon: iPhone users have become addicted to these headphones. The ones we made fun of, the ones we were almost afraid to wear at first, under the eyes of others. What, I have two big white stems sticking out of my ears, and you okay?

So you'll say, "What's so ugly about these AirPods? ". That's right: these are just EarPods that we cut the thread. Not quite: compared to wired headphones, their stems that house the battery are much thicker, hence the initial discomfort. That said when we see the autonomy of the first models sold two years later, still happy that they have this overweight.
Mine are still in pretty good shape to keep up the road: I bought them in August 2017. The stopwatch of "programmed obsolescence" has not hit me yet, you say. And I admit it, as an iPhone user, they have become by far my favorite headphones in everyday life, despite their shortcomings. Because they work, because they swing without a hitch from an iPhone to an iPad or an Apple Watch, because they have a sound that suffices me in the context in which I use them, and because finally, I find me a lot more silly when trying to unravel wired headphones.
I even tried to use them with Android but frankly, if we are initially surprised to be able to do more things with one might think, the game is not worth the candle. Especially now that the alternatives in "really wireless" headphones are multiple.

A lesson of humility?
And as many people have probably said the same thing, and that Apple has managed to mourn the jack to its users, we find ourselves in this situation where something that seemed absurd is now ubiquitous. It's quite ironic, by the way. Usually, the kings of sneer and police of good taste, it is rather the Apple fans: LOL, these people with giant phones, MDR tourists who take pictures with their tablet.
But beyond the product itself which is worth what it is worth, it raises the question of this moment when this change takes place, and where we find it normal. And what we said two years ago for the AirPods, we will say maybe tomorrow for the augmented reality glasses.

Some found the Google Glass grotesque. Personally my very short experience did not allow me to go beyond the Terminator side of the thing. But now that Huawei comes out of the glasses connected (whose glasses are nothing futuristic that said) and before Apple, Samsung, Google or another does not catch up with him, it would be nice not to too much mock. In 5 years, we will wear maybe a pair!

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