Altice (SFR, BFM TV, RMC) threatens to cut the TV stream of Freebox subscribers

Altice announces by a press release that the channels of the group (BFMT TV, RMC) could see their access be cut as of March 20, 2019 on the boxes of Free.

We thought the war between the media and the telecoms ended a year ago, since TF1 and Free had reached an agreement, but it was not so. Altice warned that operators should pay to access the group's channels such as BFM TV or RMC Découverte. The group is now taking action.
End of the agreement on March 20th
It is March 20, 2019 that the agreement between Free and Altice will end. On this date, the group warns that access to its channels (BFM TV, RMC Discovery, RMC Story and BFM Business), and associated services (replay), could be cut, if no new agreement is found.
Of course the group has no intention of sulking Freebox subscribers as the war rages between the various news channels continuously, especially as BFM TV faces more and more criticism compared to its competitors FranceInfo and LCI.
This release is a way to put pressure on Free, to publicly remind the expiration of the contract, and the remaining few days to sign a new agreement.
Altice also recalls that Free has already agreed to sign an agreement with the TF1 and M6 groups, and that the contracts with Bouygues Telecom and Orange are still in progress. Regarding SFR, it's hard to imagine Altice having trouble finding an agreement with his own subsidiary.


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