Altice (SFR, BFM TV) wants to buy Molotov and promises that the service will remain free

New chapter in the Molotov series: the French start-up has just entered into an exclusive discussion with the Altice group.

In recent months, Molotov was looking for a buyer to get by, Orange and Canal + were interested, but also France Televisions.
Molotov with its 7 million users (January 2019), including 3 million who come every month and nearly a million every day, would register only about 10,000 paying subscribers. A delicate situation for the company that has already burned nearly 32 million euros raised for its development, it would take more than 500 000 paying subscribers to be in balance according to La Tribune.
However, Molotov is very good at directly believing him. The company announces a strong growth in the number of its users and has promised beautiful ads for 2019.
Altice enters exclusive discussion and reassures users
It was not long after Molotov's speech the following day (January 30, 2019), Altice (SFR, BFM TV, Liberation, RMC, etc.) announced to have entered into an exclusive OTT service for a majority shareholding.
Excerpt from press release received on January 30, 2019
This entry into capital will support the development of Molotov in several aspects:
accelerated development of Molotov;
more resources to become a major player in OTT in France and abroad;
facilitate the distribution of French and international content around the world;
but also bring SFR and RMC customers a new OTT experience.
In its press release, Altice immediately wants to reassure the users and partners of Molotov, according to them: "Molotov will retain its brand, as well as its universal approach and open to all." What can be understood between the lines: Molotov would remain free.
The discussions concern a majority stake of Altice France in the capital of Molotov alongside its founders and historical shareholders, so it should be noted that the transaction has not yet been finalized.
Molotov did not have an easy life
As a reminder, Molotov did not have an easy life, especially with TF1 and M6. With the arrival of Altice in the capital, Molotov may be able to find agreements more easily with the actors of French television.
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