Altis XT, up to 800 km of range for this electric juggernaut

Still at the concept stage, the Altis XT electric pickup, designed by the American company Altis Motor Vehicles, has something to overshadow its future competitors Tesla and Rivian. As evidenced by its maximum autonomy of 800 kilometers.

Concept or not, the Altis XT deserves special attention. Because its creator, an American company called Altis Motor Vehicles, obviously did not come to put on pearls. As juicy as it is popular, the pickup market in the United States is a golden boon for the segment's builders. It is therefore not uncommon to observe a gradual migration towards electricity, anticipating the future.
Observe for yourself: Tesla is planning to position itself on the niche in the next few years, just like Rivian, the originator of a pick-up presented in November 2018. So the Altix XT is added both impressive and hopeful in terms of autonomy. But let's remember once again: this is only a concept, whose production will begin in 2020, as we learn from Automobile Propre.

On paper, the Altix XT seduces: between its four-wheel drive and four independent suspensions on each wheel, the driver should feel comfortable driving this impressive machine. Assembled in the US, this pickup would swallow the 0 to 100 km / h in just five seconds, for a top speed of 193 km / h. Performance very honorable in terms of its size.
Minimal loading time
Its strength would undoubtedly lie in its autonomy, articulated around three batteries whose energy capacity was not indicated. Only the number of kilometers appears on the product sheet: 380, 640 and 800 km, making this electric vehicle one of the sponsors of the sector on this particular characteristic. The pick-up would, moreover, to travel long distances without any difficulty.
Once again, the firm from across the United States puts forward figures that are at least dizzying as to the speed of reloading the model: 15 minutes by connecting to an Atlis Motor Vehicles Advanced Charging station – to be taken with tweezers. Technological bonuses intervene on the level of mirrors, replaced by two cameras.
Cameras in place of mirrors
Inside, in front of the driver, two screens on either side of the dashboard broadcast the video stream of the aforementioned cameras. Rather practical, and even innovative. Another towing assistance sensor, just like a camera placed at the front for parking assistance, will guide the user during his maneuvers. Like the Tesla products, a large central screen is inviting into the front cabin.

Finally, the manufacturer aims to offer standalone features by updating its system gradually. In the future, level 5 should be reached. Initially, only Level 1 driver assistance (Adaptive Cruise Control) will be offered to the customer, who may be able to pay for an option based on assistance with parking and keeping in the lane.

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