Always more: Xiaomi is considering a smartphone with 2 holes in the screen

While the pierced screens are just beginning to hit the market, Xiaomi is already considering the sequel with screens … doubly drilled.
The Honor View 20 is the first smartphone to come out in France with a screen pierced … a simple hole
With the View 20, Honor was the first to offer a smartphone with a screen pierced on the French market. Others, to avoid losing any space on the screen, have preferred to adopt other techniques, like the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 and its sliding slider.
The Chinese manufacturer is not opposed to "punched" screens. He would even consider designing smartphones with not one, but two holes, located on both sides of the notification bar.
24 design ideas
Let's Go Digital has gotten hold of a document from WIPO (the World Intellectual Property Organization). This is a patent filed by Xiaomi, containing 24 illustrations of smartphone designs. In all cases, these are devices on the borderless screen with several sensors on the front and multiple cameras. Their particularity is to be always divided in two: one half at the top left, the other in the opposite corner.
4 examples selected by Let's Go Digital
On the images, we can see that Xiaomi considers several possibilities to integrate everything that can take up space on the screen, with more or less marked cuts. Some smartphones have two "punch holes" in the View 20, others have wider holes, as can be seen on the Galaxy S10 leaks. Finally, a design – the second on the image below – shows some kind of notches coming out of each side of the phone.
Of course, these are just patents, which does not mean that Xiaomi will one day release smartphones with these designs. However, this proves that the manufacturer is considering this possibility and is already thinking about integrating a dual photo sensor on the front while maintaining a "borderless" design. However, we wonder if this is really preferable to our current notches …
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