Amazon Alexa and Philips Hue in cabbage: a real success or a simple server failure?

Amazon and Philips experienced some setbacks between 24 and 26 December, many users have reported real difficulties in setting their speakers and light bulbs connected. Is there a real success of these objects or a simple server failure?

If you had trouble setting up your new Echo speaker or Hue connected bulbs, do not worry … you're not the only ones. Many users have expressed frustration on social media during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. As noted by Numerama, the connected speaker would have been so successful that people who unpacked their gifts on the morning of the 25th participated in an overload of the server that handles the response, rendering it ineffective.
At the Daily Mail, an Amazon spokesman said that "for a short time, the Alexa service has had some problems," without giving any more specific reason for the outage. According to a collaborative map, it is mainly in the United Kingdom and Ireland that problems have been identified.
Amazon Alexa errors reported
Same story for Philips Hue bulbs, users could neither create an account nor register new devices. Philips reacted only on December 26, which made it difficult for many users in a hurry to configure their new bulbs.

We are currently seeing a lot of new activations, which can be used to create a new account. We hope to see you again later. Apologies and happy holidays!
– Philips Hue (@tweethue) December 26, 2018

These technical problems experienced by users show how external servers are essential for these cloud-based services. It also shows the success of connected speakers and the home automation ecosystem during the holiday season. It should also be noted that the associated mobile applications have also become one of the most downloaded apps as of December 24th. But it is also possible that the problem is related to a failure on one of the servers, which may have nothing to do with an overload.
Play Store ranking in France on December 27
In 2017, we also observed a similar phenomenon with the Google Home speaker, which was the only connected speaker sold in France at that time. Our in-line survey showed that about 1 in 2 people had offered an assistant to a loved one during the holidays of 2017.
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