Amazon buys Eero: to Echo speakers competing with Google Wi-Fi

Amazon has announced the acquisition of Eero, a manufacturer specializing in Wi-Fi Mesh routers and a fairly popular competitor of the famous Google Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi mesh is on the rise. With solutions like Google Wi-Fi or Netgear Orbi, it is possible to effectively cover your home with a single unified wireless network by having multiple modules. The devices then connect from module to module, much like a smartphone that goes from one 4G antenna to another.
Until then absent from the routers market, Amazon announced the acquisition of Eero, a Wi-Fi Mesh specialist.
The perfect ally for a connected speaker?
The press release does not really indicate the strategic purpose of this buyout, except to add a category of devices to the many Amazon and AmazonBasics products already sold by the e-commerce giant. One thing is for sure, Amazon is investing a lot in technologies around the smart home. It is after all this brand that launched the fashion of smart speakers with Amazon Echo, before the arrival of Google Home.
We can imagine a future version of Amazon Echo that directly integrate Eero technologies. This would allow each user to easily create good Wi-Fi coverage from his home, and good audio coverage for Alexa that could answer queries in any room. A field on which decided to launch Asus at CES 2019.
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