Amazon will launch its "Netflix of the video game" in 2020 against the PlayStation 5

Amazon would be working on a streaming game service to compete with the Playstation 5 and the next Microsoft Xbox.

For many years, the video game market is divided between Sony and its PlayStation, Nintendo and its Wii or Switch consoles, and Microsoft and its Xbox. However, this three-way market may soon be open to many competitors like Google with its Project Stream or Amazon.
The latter already has a foot in the video game through the acquisition of Twitch, the famous streaming video platform. Twitch already offers free games to Twitch Prime subscribers, one of the benefits of the Amazon Prime subscription.
Become the Netflix of the video game from 2020
According to The Information, reported by SlashGear, Amazon would like to take the next step and prepare for 2020 the launch of a streaming game service. This is also the year when Sony and Microsoft should present their next consoles, the PlayStation 5 and the future Xbox.
In competition with Sony Playstation Now, or the future service of Microsoft and Samsung, this service would offer access to video games without a game console or powerful machine, since the servers (the cloud) are busy running the game.
The details of the service are not known, but it is likely that this service takes the form of a monthly subscription giving access to a streaming game catalog. The advantage of these services is to offer simplified access to video games, as long as the internet connection is of good quality. No need to pay a purchase of 300 to 1000 euros for a machine to play, the subscription is mostly offered without commitment.
We imagine that Amazon would have a shot at playing by combining this new service with the popularity of Twitch. Viewers could start a game they follow in one-click video, and even join the part of their favorite streamer.

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