Android 10 Q: all Treble smartphones can install this version

With the beta 2 of Android Q, Google has deployed a generic system image (GSI) that can be installed on any smartphone launched with Treble compatibility. What allow developers to try their applications very early and more adventurous to try this version.

Only two weeks after the launch of the Android 10 Q beta, Google has rolled out a second version. This update brings a new management of notifications by a bubble system to take advantage among others of its messaging superimposed other applications, like what already offers Facebook Messenger. Although this version is only available on Pixels for the moment, other smartphones can still enjoy.
A generic image
Last year, Android P Beta had been focused on 12 smartphones off Pixel and Nexus, a big novelty in the world of Android. This year, Google went even further by directly offering a Generic System Image (GSI). It can be installed directly on any smartphone natively compatible with Treble.
As a reminder, Treble is a modification of the arrangement of the layers of the system which makes it possible to separate the core of the OS and the whole layer related to the interface (and thus incidentally to the modifications of the constructors). In theory, this allows pushing system updates without having to make changes to the rest of the software part.
With this generic image, it is possible to pass any smartphone released Android 9 Pie and compatible Treble Android 10 Q. This manipulation is however reserved for developers and more adventurous.
Some constraints
This GSI puts the system under Android Q beta 2, a version that remains, as its name suggests … a beta. Understand that it is still unstable and that some of its features are not fully operational. It is therefore not recommended to install it on your daily phone. In addition, it does not meet the compatibility requirements (Compatibility Test Suite, or CTS), which means that SafetyNet is disabled. Understand that some applications like Netflix, Pok√©mon Go or bank payment will not work.
In addition, this system image does not take into account all the hardware features of all phones. For example, some have already noticed that the built-in fingerprint sensor of the OnePlus 6T and Xiaomi Mi 9 is not functional with this version.
Also note that this is a profound change to the system and that manipulation, as always, can make your smartphone unusable. This remains to be done in your soul and conscience.
Despite these warnings, those wishing to download this generic system image can do so through the dedicated page of the official website for Android developers.
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