Android 10 Q: beta 2 is available with multitasking bubbles

The second beta of Android Q is available for holders of a compatible smartphone. This version includes a multitasking system in the form of bubbles, like what offers Facebook Messenger for example.

On March 13, Google deployed the first beta of Android Q. So it was known that six betas would be deployed, including a second at the beginning of April. As promised, Google has updated the pixels compatible with a new version of Android.
Android Q beta 2
Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Pixel 3, and Pixel 3 XL can be updated and take advantage of its new features, detailed elsewhere in a Google blog post. One of the major changes is multitasking. Indeed, Android now has an API allowing developers to offer multitasking in the form of a floating bubble, as is already Facebook Messenger for example.
If this type of interface is particularly suitable for messaging applications, you can also imagine other use cases, such as a boarding pass that is always handy the day you fly, or to remind you of a particular task to be accomplished. Recall that clues already foreshadowed the arrival of this feature in the first beta.

With Android Q, permissions management is now finer, and apps now have their own closed storage space that they can access without asking for permission. On the other hand, to access the rest of the memory, an authorization is necessary, which makes it possible to better separate the legitimate accesses from the accesses requested for malicious purposes. In this beta 2, all new applications are now installed with this limited aspect.
In addition, developers can now not only think about the interface of their applications for folding screen devices, but also try them with the new emulator supporting this very particular format.

A new API also adds more flexibility in audio recording. Developers will now be able to handle the microphone used, and alternate as needed to get the best sound from traditional videos and selfie videos. Microphones capable of "zooming" can also be controlled.
We imagine that other minor adjustments may have been made on this beta 2. The owners of Pixel can already install this version by following our tutorial.
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