Android 10 Q has a native PC mode: here is a first overview

Android 10 Q has just been released in beta 1. It reveals the new experimental PC mode that activates the connection of an external screen.

For some time, Samsung has focused on turning its high-end smartphones into PC on the fly, through the support of DisplayPort on the USB type C and DeX mode. Huawei quickly followed him with his range Mate.
The first beta of Android 10 Q is already available, and with it comes many new features in development. One of them is discreet, but well undergoing refinement: a native PC mode.
A native PC mode for Android 10 Q
XDA Developers is demonstrating it today, since it is not easy to activate as it is: you have to go through adb shell in order to take full advantage of it. Anyway, we have a first glimpse of it:

We can see that in the state, its operation is quite basic. The desktop is completely empty by default, and invites you to create your own shortcuts. Otherwise, the application drawer is on the right to find all your applications.
The most interesting is its operation. When launching an app, it takes advantage of free windows launched on Android 7.0 Nougat to allow you to give it the size you want. The wallpaper can also be changed as you wish.
This is only a preview of a feature that is not yet complete. We will wait for the next betas to establish the real power, especially in the field of multitasking.
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