Android 10 Q natively offers to record its screen in video: here's how to do

The beta of Android 10 Q natively offers to record the screen of his smartphone. No need to go through a third-party application. The option is not yet fully developed, but we are already telling you how to use it.

Since the beta 1 of Android 10 Q is available, it is interesting to search in search of new software. We were able to discover the hidden dark theme of the interface or a clever bell-shaped icon for a clearer notification panel.

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The feature that interests us today is the natively embedded Android screen recorder. Q. In other words, if you have a compatible smartphone and you've installed the beta, you can capture video from your computer. interface without downloading third-party applications.
How to save the screen on Android 10 Q?
To save your screen on the Android 10 Q beta, just take a look at the developer options – here we explain how to activate them. Once in this menu, find the "Function Flags" tab that is located in the Debug section.
In the list that appears before your eyes, look for the flag "setting_screenrecord_long_press" and activate it.
Once this step is complete, all you have to do is press and hold the (un) lock key on the phone. This will bring up some options. Stay tap the screenshot icon. You are ready to record your screen. When launching the video capture, an alert message warning you that all content displayed on the screen will be recorded. You can decide not to display this pop-up later.

Still in beta
The feature does not seem ready yet. Indeed, once our recordings were completed, we could not find the path that led to the videos in the file manager. Fortunately, you can read the content right after you save it. However, when the file information is displayed, the phone indicates that the last change was made on January 1, 1970. And we guarantee you that we have not written this paper in the past.
If you have not yet been able to taste Android 10 Q, the screen recording is very simple to do thanks to third-party applications. Do not hesitate to consult our tutorial.
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