Android 10 Q relies on the customization of the interface

One of the great novelties of Android 10 Q is the customization of themes. Thanks to this, it is possible to modify its interface as it likes by changing elements such as the accent color, the writing font or the shape of the icons.

We can not repeat it enough, but if Android is so superior to iOS, it is largely thanks to its many possibilities of customization. From the theme to the icons through its layout, everything can be modified on Android, with more or less ease. With Android 10 Q, the version that has just been announced, Google wants to go a step further than is normally possible with simple customization of smartphone configuration menus.
A little more color
In the options of the developers of Android 10 Q, we can find a menu called "Customizing themes". In this one, three options are available: "accent color", "font of the title and body of the text" and "shape of the icon".
The first serves as its name suggests to choose the main color of accentuation menus. Unfortunately, the choice is more restricted than at OnePlus for example since it is possible to choose only black, green or purple. Likewise for fonts, only two are selectable. As for the shape of the icon, you have the choice between teardrop, squircle or rounded rectangle.

The fact that this feature is in the developer options suggests that its integration with the final version of Android 10 Q (expected in the third quarter) is not guaranteed. Too bad, because the effect makes very good on the dark theme.
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