Android 10 Q: swiper its two-way notifications will be possible again

Android 10 Q does not let you swipe the notifications with a swipe of the thumb to the left. This rather stupid limitation will happily be corrected according to a manager at Google.

The first beta of Android 10 Q is available on all Google Pixel since a few weeks now. This new version will bring a small lot of interesting features, some of which are already usable. But there is something particularly frustrating for the moment in the beta: in the notifications panel, it is impossible to swipe the received alerts by sliding your thumb to the left.
Error soon corrected
Indeed, to get rid of a notification, you are forced to slide to the right of the screen. The same gesture in the other direction only shows the alert options. Fortunately, this annoying detail will be corrected. As spotted by XDA Developers, a developer at Google posted a message on the platform Google Issue Tracker reassuring enough.
There will be a setting for the swipe direction of the notifications in the next version of Android
It's stupid, but the ability to swipe its notifications in the sense that we want is part of these little practical things that we do not want to see disappear.

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If these little worries still present on the beta of Android 10 Q do not scare you, you can try to install it on your smartphone. Here's how.
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