Android 10 Q will allow pixels to customize their icons

Although Pixel smartphones are Android Stock, Google continues to offer unique features. This time, an interface customization option should soon be in the game with Android Q.

This is the second – and latest – Android 10 Q beta that teaches us this information. The XDA Developers team unzipped the Google Pixel 3 XL beta image to find files confirming the arrival of icon customization. But how will it work?
An exclusive Pixel app on the Play Store
It is through an application named Pixel Themes that this customization will be done. His Play Store link already exists but he remains unreachable for now. Thus, as soon as the application is official, Google can launch it instantly, like a private video on YouTube that goes public.
3 themes have been discovered, which modify the size of the shape of the icons, the color and the font of the interface. Themes with as codename Anthony, Johanna and Reiko:

We can also notice that the icons will be able to be modified in several environments, that it is in the parameters, in the user interface or in the framework.

Android 10 Q is expected to arrive in the third quarter of 2019 and bring its share of novelties such as a dark mode or video recording of the screen. But more news is coming and you can find all these improvements in our dedicated article. Although Pixel Themes is not itself available, you can still install the Android 10 Q beta on your smartphone by following our tutorial!
But if you do not want to wait, many alternative application launchers already have icon customization. Find our selection of launchers to better customize your smartphone!


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