Android 10 Q will still protect users installing APKs

Android 10 Q available in beta, we discover its specificities. Users installing APKs but worried about their security will now be a little more covered by the OS.

Installing APK has always been the prerogative of people starting to understand how Android really works. The majority of users are not even aware that it is possible not to go through the Play Store to install a new application.
But since the release of Fortnite, which has freed the Play Store, many users discover this possibility … but not necessarily his backlash. Indeed, allowing the installation of APK is also a risk, since malicious applications can take advantage.
Android 10 Q protects APK installations
Conscious of this situation, Google seems to have taken it into consideration on the beta of Android 10 Q. 9to5Google has indeed noticed that the behavior of the system had changed in case of installation.
Indeed, it is always necessary to allow a given application to install APK before it is really available. However, under Android 10 Q, this permission stops automatically after each installation.
Thus, the system "automatically closes the door" after an installation, guaranteeing increased protection. This will allow these young people installing Fortnite without paying attention to the permissions they offer to keep the security of their phone.
However, experienced users will see this as a new annoying step. After all, that also forces us to constantly return to the settings at the least update. For those, we bet that Google will have found a solution by the end of Android 10 Q.
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