Android as iOS, buyers stay true to their favorite system

The Android / iOS duel is calm now. The latest CIRP study shows that buyers are now as loyal to Android as iOS, implying that games are made.

The smartphone market is not as lively as it used to be and many observers are seeing a stagnation. It must be said that growth continues to slow in recent years, even though some Chinese players like Huawei or Xiaomi still manage to shake up the seats of major manufacturers.
New figures provided by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, which will be summarized in CIRP, tend to move in the direction of consolidation by highlighting … the consumption habits of buyers.
Consumers are loyal to Android and iOS
Specifically, the firm carries out recurring polls on the renewal of smartphones, focusing on the number of people choosing to stay on Android or iOS. These results tend to show buyers' loyalty to one or the other OS.

In the last quarter, 92% of Android users who bought a new phone remained loyal to Android. This is a continuation of a fidelity already observed in the market for a long time, which can be explained by the attraction of the operating system as well as the wide availability of the OS.
The most interesting is the iOS case. In one quarter, brand loyalty to the Apple brand has almost reached that of Android and could even surpass it in 2019.
Games are already done
This study therefore tends to determine that now, buyers Android or iOS are simply conquered by their favorite system and no longer have the instinct to "see elsewhere if the grass is greener". It must be said that after 12 years of loyal service for iOS and 11 years for Android, the choice is now well anchored in consumer habits.
Add to this that the latest major versions of both operating systems are more about optimizing the experience than really about changing it, and that's a good reason to just stay on top of it. It is not surprising in this context that services become more important than the OS itself, a lesson Microsoft has already learned with Windows 10.

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