Android Q: a general dark theme built into the system for the next version according to a Googler

In recent months, Google multiplies applications compatible with a dark theme on Android. The firm could go even further in the next version of its mobile OS by natively offering a dark mode on Android Q.

It was one of the trends of the end of 2018. Whether it's YouTube, Messages, Google Maps, Phone or Contacts, Google has proposed dark themes on a growing number of applications. Instead of a white background, they could display with a black or dark gray background, meant to both rest the eyes and save energy for Amoled screens.
Nevertheless, the Android editor does not seem to want to stop in this way. According to a member of the Chromium development team at Google, the dark mode would be a feature built natively to Android Q, the next version of Google's mobile OS.
The dark mode should be ready in May 2019
On Chromium's bug tracking tool, Googler Lukasz Zbylut explained in a post, now private, but spotted by Android Police, that dark mode would be built into the entire system: "Dark mode is a trusted feature of Q […] Q's team wants to ensure that all preloaded applications natively support dark mode. To successfully integrate the dark mode, ideally all interface elements should be available in a dark theme by May 2019 ". The theme, dark or bright, would be managed directly in the settings of the device, in the "Display" and would apply to all applications.

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As a reminder, the dark mode makes it possible to switch applications from a clear interface with a generally white background, to a dark display, often black or dark gray. This feature more and more present on Android allows in particular to rest the eyes at the end of the day, but also to reduce the consumption of the screen in the case of Oled displays. The pixels displayed in black are off on this type of screen, they consume up to half the battery.
We should know more about Android Q in the first half of 2019. It is usually during the Google IO, organized in May, that the firm presents the new features of its operating system, before a scheduled launch in the fall.
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