Android Q: a new bell icon to see more clearly in notifications

A new icon has appeared in the beta of Android Q: this small bell that appears above a notification allows to indicate which is the last that the phone has received.

Arrived yesterday in Developer Preview 1 on some phones, the beta of Android 10 Q is full of new features. One of these new features is the appearance of a small bell above your notifications, indicating which notification has just reacted to your device.
A very small feature, which nevertheless meets a feature of Android that may seem problematic for some: the management of notifications. In Android Pie, notifications are automatically sorted into different groups, and each of these groups is more or less important. Intelligent management, but that prevents some notifications deemed unimportant to appear at the top of the list, while they are very recent.
This management may seem messy, especially for people who are used to keeping a large number of notifications in the control center. Now, a little bell icon will appear above the notifications that have just ring (or vibrate) your phone. The icon remains only 30 seconds above the notification, but it is still a sufficient time to find which application has reacted the phone.

Android Q brings a lot of novelties
While it's only in Developer Preview 1, the beta of Android 10 already brings its share of novelties. Among these, we think in particular of the long-awaited dark theme or the PC mode that should be present natively on Android Q. You can find all the news in our dedicated article.
Be careful though, the version of Android presented here is not final. More features are expected in the upcoming beta, and some may even disappear by the final version of the operating system, which should be released in August.

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