Android Q, dark theme, Google Stadia, foldable smartphones … ask the program for I / O 2019

Google has just released the Google I / O 2019 calendar. Many sessions are planned to cover topics such as Google Stadia, Linux on Chrome OS, the dark theme on Android Q or artificial intelligence.

Like every year, Google will hold its event dedicated to developers next May. This will be an opportunity to show a little more about the new features of Android 10 Q, but also to present the upcoming software projects.
Just over a month from the opening conference, Google has unveiled the full schedule of the Google I / O 2019, which allows to learn a little more about the topics that will be addressed by the giant of the research. This calendar displays the traditional conferences, such as the opening keynote or the one dedicated to what's new in Android ("What's New in Android"), but also other sometimes new topics.
Cloud gaming, AI and foldable
Among the new sessions that were not scheduled last year, there are several conferences about Google Stadia, the newly announced cloud gaming service, including one that promises "a dive into the heart of streaming technology" and one about what's new in the Google Cast SDK.
Many other topics will be covered, such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality (especially on Google Maps), IoT, Linux on Chromebooks, but also the design of applications designed for devices with folding screen like Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X. One of the conferences is also dedicated to dynamic emails, recently available for businesses.
Also note that Google seems particularly involved for the spread of dark mode on Android and in applications in general. As proof, one of the sessions is called "getting away from the light with Android Q".
The Google I / O 2019 will take place from May 7 to 9 and the opening conference will be broadcast live as usual. In addition, FrAndroid will be present on the spot to bring back a lot of information on the other sessions.


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