Android Q: Google would finally delete the previous button

The arrival of Android Q would mark the end of the previous button, an Android history function very convenient, but could be improved.

For many, modern versions of Android and iOS are very close. Both systems have come a long way as updates are made, especially with the advent of multitasking and notifications in iOS.
However, a major difference in philosophy persists between the two systems: the presence of a previous button on Android in the navigation system. This button, which normalizes and unifies navigation in the system, and allows you to always go back a window, or close an application, is totally absent from iOS. The latter trusted the developers to manage the navigation to their sauce, with a rather random result.
Navigation by gesture would become the norm
The XDA-Developers site was able to analyze an internal preview of Android Q that incorporates a new version of the gesture navigation system introduced with Android Pie. As a reminder, this system combines access to the home and multitasking through a gesture system, but leaves in place the previous button in the navigation bar.

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With the new version of the system, the previous button disappears completely. This is also what some brands like Xiaomi or Huawei offer with gesture navigation.

It is replaced by a sliding of the navigation button to the left. This does not affect the work of the developer with his application. On the one hand, the navigation bar is outside the space dedicated to the application, and on the other hand, the implementation of the previous button can remain the same. So developers will not have to adapt their applications.
The site reports that this novelty also brings smoother transitions when moving from one application to another thanks to multitasking. The system would be closer to the experience that is found on Apple's iPhone X.
This new system could be introduced from Android Q Developer Preview 1, which should be released soon. It is likely, however, that Google will wait until the Google I / O is the presumed release of the Android beta Q to unveil these novelties.
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