Apple and Google would already play with Samsung foldable screens for their future devices

According to a new ET News report, Samsung has sent foldable screen samples to Apple and Samsung to help them establish their interest in the new technology. For Samsung, it is above all an opportunity to convince.

At the end of the Mobile World Congress 2019, the general discussion is taken by the advent of foldable smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X compete for the conquest of the popular imagination, waiting for other smartphones come to occupy this new segment.
While we wonder if Apple will follow suit, we at least know that Google helps to design software side. Will both be able to release their own foldable smartphones by the end of the year?
Apple and Google have foldable Samsung screens available
In any case, they have the means to imagine it. We learn through ET News that Samsung has already sent samples of its foldable screens to the two leading manufacturers in the industry. It would be screens of 7.2 inches diagonally, slightly less (to 0.1 inch) than the Galaxy Fold.
The goal ? Allow them to establish their interest in this new technology … and incidentally try to delight a future contract for Samsung, of course. The Korean manufacturer already officiates on the latest iPhone XS and XS Max, and wants to maintain its dominance in this field.
No devices in sight for the moment
Of course, all this does not establish that Apple and / or Google are working on the realization of a collapsible smartphone. The two manufacturers targeted by Samsung, however, are two brands seeking to conquer the high-end, a segment on which the foldable smartphone should make their first impact.
It's a safe bet that like many manufacturers, Apple and Google have already been working for some years to achieve such a product in their sector Research and Development. The arrival of Samples Samsung could only allow them to perfect their formula, if they have one to offer from 2019.
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