Apple and Samsung join forces: iTunes and AirPlay 2 arrive on Korean TVs

Here is a surprising news. After years of rumors around an Apple TV, we have just learned that Apple and Samsung have decided to partner around Korean TV to integrate the services and functions of the Californian group.[chapo]

Until now, using Apple services on your TV meant … buying an Apple TV. Samsung has announced that its 2019 smart TVs (as well as its updated 2018 TVs) will feature both iTunes movies and TV shows as well as the AirPlay 2 feature.

You can play audio, photos, and videos as if it's another AirPlay target, from your Mac, iPad, or iPhone. Yes, you can also buy or rent videos on iTunes and watch them in 4K HDR without buying additional Apple hardware. The iTunes application will be seamlessly integrated with the Samsung ecosystem, with the universal guide as well as the search features of Bixby.

The feature will be available from the spring for the 2019 TVs. Samsung has not specified a date for the arrival of the Bixby update for the devices from the previous year. iTunes will be available on TVs from more than 100 countries, while AirPlay 2 will be available in 190 countries.
We are just witnessing the opening of Apple services
By the way, no information on the exclusivity of these features on Samsung TVs. We are just witnessing the opening of Apple services. After Apple Music on the Play Store, Apple Music with Alexa, iTunes and AirPlay 2 are integrated on Samsung TVs. It's the revolution at Apple.


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