Apple Arcade, a weak response to Google Stadia

A week after the announcement of Google Stadia, Apple launches Apple Arcade. With this service, access a large catalog of exclusive games from your iPhone or iPad.

Apple does not want to be outdone in the video game market. And for good reason, it is a market that weighs billions, with a large share on mobile. But this sector is likely to be turned upside down in the coming years with the advent of cloud gaming. We already know some services, but the arrival of Google in the race could well accelerate the movement.
For its part, Apple is preparing to launch Apple Arcade, a service that provides access to a large catalog of exclusive games in unlimited on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. In total, more than 100 games will be available on Apple Arcade, with real curation of the content made by experts. Who exactly? Apple did not specify.

You'll understand, it's just a catalog of iOS games, but Apple has called on big names such as Hironobu Sakaguchi, known for creating the Final Fantasy saga. The first Apple teaser also shows games such as Oceanhorn 2, which we had no news for a while, or a 3D remake of Frogger. To respond to cloud gaming, this service will have the strengths of its weaknesses, namely that it is an offline service, available so everywhere, but must be executed on the smartphone, tablet or box of the user, which limits the available performance.
Apple promises that Arcade will be completely devoid of ads and additional purchases. It lacks however a detail of size to judge the interest of this service: its price. We will certainly learn more from the launch of the service in more than 150 countries, in the fall, possibly with the arrival of the next iPhone.
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