Apple could release a new iPod Touch, four years after the last generation

A new iPod Touch 2019? This is implied by an analyst specialist Apple, which also advances its assumptions on future generations of iPhone and iPad.
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Almost four years after the release of the latest iPod Touch, Apple would be about to unveil and market the seventh generation of this iconic multimedia player. In any case, this is what Ming-Chi Kuo, a Chinese analyst who has made Apple its specialty for a few years now.
In one of his notes published this weekend, he shares his predictions for the year 2019 of the brand to the apple. According to him, Apple will present three new smartphones (two with OLED screen and one with IPS LCD) at the end of the year, including a triple photo sensor, but still without a quick charger included. On the side of the tablets, the iPad Mini would be entitled to an update of its components, and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro would see its size increase to 10.2 inches. But the surprise is elsewhere: a new iPod Touch would be planned. A prediction corroborated by data extracted from the last update iOS 12.2.

In theory, iOS 12.2 references four new iPads in WiFi & Cellular variants (perhaps mini, and 9.7 "?), All without Face ID, and a (seventh-gen?) IPod touch with no Touch ID nor Face ID pic.twitter. com / xiJN6kmmTe
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What to do with an iPod Touch in 2019?
Previously very popular, the iPod Touch seems to have lost its glory of yesteryear. With smartphones having more and more storage space for music, and quality music streaming services, users now prefer to have only one device in their pocket rather than two. What is the interest for a new iPod Touch in 2019?
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According to MacRumors, the iPod Touch would be conquering the world of mobile gaming. In any case, that suggests an extension of the patent filed for the iPod Touch in 2008. The US Patent and Trademark Office agreed to extend, early this January, the protection of the iPod Touch trademark to cover the world of mobile gaming.
The iPod Touch is above all a good way for Apple to reach a wider audience than its iPhone. This multimedia player can be aimed at a public still too young for an iPhone (which some parents consider indeed too expensive to be put in the hands of their children). By feeding them to iOS from an early age, the Cupertino company is more likely to see them get equipped with an iPhone as soon as they are older.
We should know more about this potential iPod Touch seventh generation at the conference of Apple to be held on March 27.
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